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Dominate Over Maths


Our Problem

Mathematics is everywhere in life. However, not all students find maths relevant, enjoyable or engaging. Inevitably, this leaves children struggling and not feeling as though they can’t succeed in it. Dominate Over Maths (DOM) intends to allow students to expand their maths knowledge into real life situations.

Our Solution

DOM incorporates a safe working environment for all students through their Slime Incorporated project. This project allows students to completely design the production of their slime weighing up costs, revenue and amount of slime required. Students are able to develop strong entrepreneurial skills that can be taken with them in life, putting reason behind their maths skills and enhancing their knowledge greatly.



We extend our acknowledgment to the forebears, seniors, and kin of the Kulin Nation (for our Melbourne campuses), the Eora Nation (for our Sydney campus), and the Yulara/Yugarapul and Turrbal Nation (for our Brisbane campus). These groups are the original custodians of the University's lands. While we contribute our individual knowledge and customs within the University, it is important to honor the profound wisdom enshrined within the Aboriginal community and affirm their custodianship of the land.

We respect that the ground upon which we gather, learn, and exchange wisdom is steeped in long-standing ceremonies of revelry, initiation, and rejuvenation. The customary practices and vibrant culture of the Traditional Owners hold a distinctive place in the life of this area.

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