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Education and school program recycling initiative team (ESPRIT)

Lifestyle with Sustainable Mindset
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About our project

Welcome to ESPRIT - an innovative project entirely designed and led by students. At ESPRIT, we believe in empowering our fellow students to develop essential leadership skills and gain valuable teaching experience. Through our initiatives, students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge on recycling and sustainable living, making a positive impact on our campus and beyond. 

ESPRIT offers a unique platform for students to delve into the world of recycling and sustainability. As they engage in various activities, workshops, and awareness campaigns, they become advocates for responsible waste management and conservation. This experience instills a sense of responsibility and fosters a culture of environmental stewardship among the student body.

Join ESPRIT and become a part of our dynamic student-led movement. Together, we can develop leadership skills, promote sustainable living, and create a brighter, greener future for ourselves and the planet. Let's inspire others to follow our lead and work towards a more environmentally conscious society. Get involved, make a difference, and shape a better tomorrow with ESPRIT.

Sustainable Development Goals

We act on the following sustainable development goals:
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We extend our acknowledgment to the forebears, seniors, and kin of the Kulin Nation (for our Melbourne campuses), the Eora Nation (for our Sydney campus), and the Yulara/Yugarapul and Turrbal Nation (for our Brisbane campus). These groups are the original custodians of the University's lands. While we contribute our individual knowledge and customs within the University, it is important to honor the profound wisdom enshrined within the Aboriginal community and affirm their custodianship of the land.

We respect that the ground upon which we gather, learn, and exchange wisdom is steeped in long-standing ceremonies of revelry, initiation, and rejuvenation. The customary practices and vibrant culture of the Traditional Owners hold a distinctive place in the life of this area.

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